Go Slow

For a while now I have been lamenting the fact that our society just moves at a pace that is far too quick.  It is not healthy for families, causes serious emotional/mental problems like depression and leads to intense loneliness and pseudo existences like Facebook and even blogging communities.

As Christians it has an even more serious consequence.  If we move at such a frenetic pace – we seldom ever have time for community.  By this I do not mean attending church or home group.  But a serious belonging and loving of our city, street, neighbours, soccer club, etc.

The UK has come up with an interesting idea to make us aware of this trend.  They have called it Slow Sunday.

Tall Skinny Kiwi blogs about this here.  But here is an exerpt from his post.

“Heres a couple of things from the article and a few I have discovered myself over the past few years to go slower:
– Baths instead of showers, and really early in the morning so I can stay longer.
– In 2005 I took off my watch and went without one for a year. I first did this as a result of advice from Robert Banks in a spirituality lecture at Fuller Seminary. Once I went almost 2 years without a watch.
– Photography with an old manual film camera. I have a medium format camera for black and while film and am building a dark room to develop my own photos. I am learning to sit and wait for nature to put on its show, to wait, as a Czech photographer once said, for the “music to play”.
– Walk everywhere and shop local. We now can go for days without using the car.
– Bake bread for our homemade pizza every Friday. It takes a couple of hours to rise. Thats slow.
– Slower but better sex. Sorry. You didn’t want to hear that.
– Travel less – not accept so many speaking invitations but be far more picky so i can stay at home more.
– Slow food and slow cooking on a sunday and more often during the week – pot roasts are great. A few days ago I cooked pork shanks in our wood stove for 4 hours.”


~ by John on July 27, 2008.

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