Permission for Church to get a little messy

Al Stewart, suggests that a slightly messy church is a good thing. Whilst a church where things are very slick are not necessarily in a good place.

What do you think?


~ by John on July 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Permission for Church to get a little messy”

  1. ABSOLUTELY! – I so agree with this statement and the intention of the article. To take the funeral analogy one step further, from individuals to small comunities to churches, our experience (our total theology) can be that of a morgue or a maternity ward. Yes the morgue is orderly, expected, controlled and even almost pleasant in the stillness, but death lingers. In a maternity ward there is blood, chaos, uncertainty, tears, laughter and emotion but praise God there is LIFE!

    I have sometimes wondered whether the difference between these two scenarios perhaps comes out of a theology and|or methodology of living in Law versus living in Grace. It seems over the centuries that the wider church has often defaulted into Law when things get messy. Law is easier to teach, to preach, to administer, and to follow.

    But the way of Grace is messy, it demands love and forgiveness on the ground, and often surprises with it’s beauty.


  2. Hmmm, Malcolm not sure if I would put it as a law vs grace issue. Mostly it is not law at an intentional level anyway. I think it is more to do with control and comfort. After you have been around church for a while it is easy to do things in a way you can control. And that is something with which we all feel comfortable… Grace, as you rightly said is seldom comfortable and it is almost always messy, time-consuming and almost never fits neatly into our schedules

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