Lessons from Church Planters

Lifted this great post from Tim Chester’s site (original author Andy Mason). Here are some great lessons for church planting:

1. There are worse things than failure
… we need to take the long view in planting – develop a 100 year plan!

2. Church planting is like surfing
… reflect on the providence of God. We cannot create the waves, we simply ride them as they come

3. Know your
… there are different ways of planting – be clear on what your is

4. You need a team
… for support, for diversity of gifts…

5. Ideals need to become flesh
… ‘too many people plant churches in their heads’. We must live it in everyday life.

6. Enthusiasm is a discipline
… and remind yourself in the hard times, how this estate is beautiful in God’s sight… and remember Jesus is your Saviour not your ministry

7. Small may not be beautiful but it will do
… and size of church is not the source of your identity/security

8. Locals are better than me
… those who have been around and grown up in the area will always be better equipped at relating to other locals, so equip them.

9. Read the Parable of the soils
… be clear about your conviction that the Word of God, though small, is powerful and will bring a harvest.


~ by John on June 18, 2008.

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