What do you love about church?

When I recently asked for some comments on what really irritates you about church, it seems the readers of this blog are a nice and gentle bunch who do not like to say anything, nasty or vaguely critical about anything. Either that or there are a whole lot of lurkers out there… (Lurkers for the record are those who like any reality TV like to watch but not participate themselves). But I am sure it is the former…

So here is the second question in my series about church: What is it that you love about church when it is working properly? If you had to start a church from scratch what things would you definitely make a priority? Or put one other way – when have a really positive experience of church – what are you thinking about? So now all you lurkers please contribute… I will paste my own thought later

~ by John on June 3, 2008.

One Response to “What do you love about church?”

  1. I love church meetings that capture the awesome nature of God (something that perhaps we don’t do all that well in our super-intellectual churches). What can I say – I’m an existentialist at heart – I want to be moved.

    Oh and evening service chicken burgers.

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