Lesslie Newbigin

Sometimes in life, you discover a kindred soul. Someone you have never met but who gives words to the things you wished you could just think more clearly. This was how I felt when I first read A Word in Season, a collection of writings by Lesslie Newbigin. Here was someone who called me to a Christian life beyond that which I was currently living. Calling me to a vision of Christ and the gospel that was bigger, higher and greater than my own limited vision. Calling me to a vision of the church that was more challenging, beautiful and real than what I had ever experienced. So I have decided to start a series profiling the life and work of Bishop Lesslie Newbigin

One of the things I love about Newbigin is that he is just so quotable. Here is one to whet your appetite:

“As I lay awake a vision came to my mind… It was a vision of the cross, but it was the cross spanning the space between heaven and earth, between ideals and present realities, and with arms that embraced the whole world. I saw it as something, which reached down to the most hopeless and sordid of human misery and yet promised life and victory. I was sure that night, in a way I had never been before, that this was the clue that I must follow if I were to make any kind of sense of the world.” (A Word in Season: 1985: 11-12)

~ by John on June 3, 2008.

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