Speak Slowly!

The other night we watched an old Denzil Washington movie Deja Vu (but I was sure I had seen it somewhere before…) and it contains the immortal line, with Denzil (the cop) trying to communicate with some scientists “I’ll speak slowly so those in the room with PhD’s can understand!” For those of us with academic pretensions and an ability to laugh at ourselves we recognise the frustration.

But then I got thinking what if the same thing could be said about the church. Tim Keller speaks about a need for the missional church to “discourse in the vernacular”. Or in other words avoid insider (tribal) language.

So I decided to think about a few of my friends and wonder what they would make of some of our tribal Christian language and culture:

What do we mean by fellowship anyway? Is it like friendship?

Where do you learn to pray in such a different way from how you speak normally? Does the church run a course?

A personal cringe (“thank goodness my friend did not come moment”): “You all remember the story of Melchizedek of course!”

Remind me again what exactly is a Testament (old or new?)?

What is the difference between a priest/reverend/pastor?

What is communion? And if it is the Lord’s Supper, is he on a diet? The food is a bit scarce.

What is with those little bags that go around anyway? All they do is make me feel guilty…

What is an evangelism and how much does it cost?

~ by John on May 11, 2008.

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