Addicted to Morality?

Mark Driscoll in “The Radical Reformission” recounts a story as only Driscoll can about going to visit a gay cowboy bar (you have to read it to understand…) with a friend of his

“That night, I learned that reformission requires that Christians and their churches move forward on their knees, continually confessing their addictions to morality and the appearance of godliness, which does not penetrate the heart and transform lives. In the end, learned that God’s mission is not to create a team of moral and decent people but rather to create a movement of holy loving missionaries who are comfortable and truthful around lost sinners and who, in this this way, look more like Jesus than most of his pastors do.” (p35)

There it struck me – churches/Christians are not missional because we are addicted to morality. Addicted to feeling better about yourselves because we are not like those “miserable sinners out there.” We repeat our good theology but our hearts are far from God’s. Do we truely love lost people? Until we do we will not give up our “addiction to morality” and actually be missional.


~ by John on May 11, 2008.

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