Was on the Ooze website today and found this article about a series of films that Erwin Raphael McManus has made called Crave. Sounds interesting…

“It’s not in-your-face, even at the close of the film,” explains McManus, who cringes at the idea of Crave being viewed as a film version of a tract. “The purpose of the film isn’t ‘now you need to give your life to Jesus’. It’s more like, ‘This is why Jesus says this. Consider His wisdom, His thoughts, His words.’”

“Instead of being a new form of drive-by evangelism, McManus urges that the films be used as conduits for discussion, “When you think of people preaching at you, they’re usually giving you the answers to the questions they assume you’re asking. The beautiful thing about film, and I think story telling, is that it’s not really trying to give you the answers, but it’s trying to help you reflect and ask the right questions.”

“Pouring out of his style of writing and teaching, McManus is often critiqued for not providing enough answers. He shrugs this off saying that he would rather ask great questions, “With each one of these films, we’re trying to get the people watching to ask important questions like—how have I found meaning in life? Am I struggling to make sense of my existence? Have I found something to give myself to that really matters? With the Crave films we focused on three cravings—the craving for intimacy, the craving for destiny, and the craving for meaning.”

Love the “drive by evangelism” comment… Actually I wonder if in a post-modern context evangelism is more about getting people to ask the right questions rather than providing them with the right answers… Kind of reminds me a bit about Ecclesiastes


~ by John on May 4, 2008.

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