I Have A Dream… #2

Here is another exerpt from the ending of Hans Franke’s book “We are the Plan”:

“I have a dream…

In this dream there is no theologising about the cost of a relationship with the Lord. Here there is no talk in vague terms of some remote, unknown, unknowable and depersonified Godhead. Here his Name is not taken in vain as an empty interjection or to curse. No, his Name is spoken in awe because he is people’s Abba-Father…

In this dream there is no room for spiritual sleepwalkers. In this dream the church does not regard the world as a hostile hands-off sorry-I’m-here place. No, the church stands up in the world in a dynamic, empowered fashion as an agent of change in a world that belongs to God. There is no sickly, confusing dualism between what is “secular” and what is “spiritual” . Here God is not belittled and his glory tainted by presumptuous efforts to explain Him; He is not at my disposal; not there to dance to my tune; I understand that I cannot manipulate Him by my efforts at praying; I do not via my efforts at prayer, quite subtly become God myself and He the mechanistic answerer of my wishes and desires; He is not some benign “what can I do for you” God; the church understands that she does not understand, but can understand enough to know Him.”

“In this dream every member of a church is a sent one; there is enthusiastic rejoicing when a constant stream of members make themselves available to reach others with the Good News; and we are falling over each other to support, to encourage, to care for spiritually and emotionally… breathtakingly great efforts are made to reach the unreached; no-one is satisfied with the status quo; the expanding growth of the mustard seed is bursting through all restrictions – ever bigger, ever more, ever farther, ever deeper, ever higher…


~ by John on April 25, 2008.

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