I Have a Dream…

Just finished reading Frans Hancke’s book “We are the Plan” – pretty good missional church thinking from an Afrikaans, Dutch Reformed Church background. My favourite part of the book though is at the end – where he “has a dream” – here are some lengthy exerts…

“It is about churches who experience services as gatherings of praise where his name and Glory are witnessed. They experience the service as the week’s marching orders. There the conversations after the glorifying service are not about yesterday’s sports results, not about any match, but about last night’s outreach to people in need, this week’s plans to sing his praise, and how and where we can make a difference. There is no gossip about the past sermon, but rather discussions on how the sermons of our lives went in the past week. We are not worried about what will happen to the food in the oven, but rather where we are soon going to reach out to them without food – and bring them Bread and bread!…”

“I dream about churches that dynamically reach out to one another across boundaries, encourage one another, strengthen one another, share in one another’s needs and joys. These are churches that have truly become churches without boundaries, churches that are honestly excited about one another’s projects and mutually pray for them – instead of smugly giggling behind their hands about other’s failures. I dream about churches that do not quietly enjoy others’ declining numbers; that do not quite smugly gossip about, besmirch, cast suspicion upon and tear apart and destroy the Kingdom with sharp and evil venom.”

“… These church members do not complain about how badly they are served, but appreciate that they are being dedicatedly equipped to serve through prayer; through reaching out and by giving what they have. To them, no price is too hight to pay for spreading the good news…”

“In this dream membership of a church has lost its club status. Here the faithful do not live to receive, but to give. Here the ineffectual monthly “thanksgiving” offering is not the membership fee guaranteeing baptism, membership, marriage and funeral benefits. No, the church is a dynamic, serving fellowship of the faithful that, through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit leaves a visible trail of change in the world. Here there are changed social structures, changed economic structures, changed political structures and changes eternity destinations – changed people.”

Inspiring, challenging – more dreaming later…


~ by John on April 22, 2008.

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