why we forgot prayer

Yesterday i was at a training day for small group leaders, teaching them to facilitate a training workshop in Bible reading skills… Our initial topic to discuss was some do’s and don’ts for leading a small group.  Our group and five others reported back with some very wise and helpful tips for facilitating a an effective small group.

Only problem was we not one of us even mentioned prayer as of any importance in leading a group.  Why is that?  At heart much of our practice is atheistic.  We do not pray because we actually believe that we can run an effective group without God’s help, if we just get our technique right…

Oh I know we would never say this… but I do believe there is much truth in the theory that the medium is the message!


~ by John on April 20, 2008.

7 Responses to “why we forgot prayer”

  1. what is legerity? anyway I am happy to read your blog, it will give us all a place to check out the inside of your head.

  2. hey al,

    tried to have a tag line explaining it but still new at this did not manage to get it right – means agility or nimbleness of mind or body. not sure if I like it…

  3. Ah ha – good to see you working on a blog at last!

  4. It is a bit strange and obscure, but hey you are a bit… enjoy it anyway. see mine at alphonso.vox.com

  5. hey John, in my opinion i think we forget to pray because we are not really sure if God is all that, so to speak, therefore by us thinking that way we are telling God that he is a lier and that he really can’t help us with our problems. i believe we should fear God at all times that way we will put him first and actually start paraying more as he tells us that we must pray. just a thought. se ya later

  6. Hey John,
    I see we’re all getting here. I too am thinking about a blog as a bit of a dump to put all my thoughts and also to keep people informed. Tried another blogspot, but they wanted me to join their system. Did you have to do that with this place??
    The idea of starting anything without God is such a part of our lives and prayer is not. It should therefore be no surprise that we don’t pray before we start a small group. Maybe a better question would be to ask how many other things that we do start with prayer??

  7. […] Why we forgot Prayer […]

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